Michael James Lee - Surveying Services

Surveying Services
I offer a wide range of surveys, all of which are provided with photographs.

Full Structural/ Building Surveys
I carry out a substantial number of full structural/building surveys for clients of residential, commercial and institutional buildings. The surveys include detailed analysis of any structural problems and are normally acceptable to lending institutions insurers (no further or additional structural engineering reports required).

R.I.C.S Home Buyer Survey Reports
I carry out Home Buyer Survey Reports on all types of residential properties. Our building surveyor/engineer is on-site for at least two and a half hours, as such our survey inspections are very thorough.

If you are unsure about choosing between a R.I.C.S. Home Buyer Survey Report and a more detailed comprehensive full structural/building survey please contact my office and I will explain the main differences so you can select the appropriate type of survey.

Structural Engineering Reports
I carry out a substantial number of structural engineering reports for the majority of Banks and Building Societies upon referral as a result of mortgage valuation reports.

Condition Surveys
I carry out a number of condition surveys on properties. These surveys include comprehensive photographs to identify the various elements of the property.

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